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Did the Covid lockdowns spur you on to begin the book you always wanted to write? And are you still – like so many others – struggling to get a handle on the story? Will it be a blood-dripping murder mystery? A playful children’s book? A family memoir? Whether you’re still in the early head-scratching phase or happily dancing through the near-final draft of your awesome manuscript, Anne would love to hear about it.


While workshops and manuals can be helpful resources along your writing journey, there comes a time when you are hungry for more focused, one-on-one coaching. If that’s where you find yourself right now, send an email to Anne, tell her about your project, and specify what kind of coaching or editorial guidance you feel you need.

Talk to Anne

Helen Antoniou Headshot.jpeg

Helen Antoniou

Anne Fortier is amazing!  The comments, questions and suggestions she gave me while reviewing my work rendered the final version of my book more engaging and evocative. Anne is very skilled at bringing a story to life by identifying where to insert more emotion and nuance and where to tone it down. 


Delvin Chatterson

Anne is an excellent writing coach, mentor and advisor, for whatever stage you are at and for whatever genre you’re writing. She got me beyond a vague idea and very rough first draft to be able to complete the first three novels (2018-2020) in my Dale Hunter crime fiction series.

Vachel Testimonial.jpeg

Vachel Thevenot

Anne helped me a lot with keeping my writing clear. She put what I needed to prioritize in perspective in a helpful way. The book I wrote wouldn't be the same without her extremely helpful advice. Even the small suggestions made a big difference.

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