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Welcome to the Sisterhood! 

What does it mean to be an Amazon?

An Amazon is a woman of any age who steps into her own power and uses it to create positive change in herself and the world around her.

She doesn’t know the meaning of  “the weaker sex.” She refuses to be prey. She defies societal pressures to be a “good girl.”

Women are socialized to be subservient. We are groomed to be prey from the moment we are born. We are expected to be more careful, more thoughtful, and less “bossy” than boys and men. We are told we appear more attractive when we feign an air of cute helplessness.

Meekness and vulnerability may attract knights in shining armor, but they also leave the door open for aggressors and manipulators. Why? Because the bold and assertive seize control of situations and of people. When we hand over control, we set ourselves up to become victims.

As we grow older, we are trained to fear people in power and to submit to authority–a fact aggressors and manipulators exploit. They know assertive and authoritative behaviour weakens us just like Kryptonite saps Superman’s strength. They count on us to “freeze in fear” and surrender when we’re under attack.

When you choose be an Amazon, you refuse to be manipulated and play the role of prey.

You don’t hide your strength; you take pride in it.

You are a physical and emotional powerhouse. You are a warrior.

An Amazon knows gaining self-confidence is the crucial first step away from victimhood. She knows a strong woman is less likely to bend automatically to the assumed authority of others.

She fights back, and she prevails.

She does more than survive; she thrives.

When you say, “I’m an Amazon,” you claim your power. You tell the world:

  • I am my own authority
  • when I say no, I mean it
  • I’m a victor, not a victim
  • I’m not bitchy or bossy, I’m confident and in control
  • I outwit and outmaneuver would-be abusers
  • I defeat those who threaten me

Imagine a world where you are not afraid of anyone; where self-defense lessons are the new hang-out; where you dare to work out with free weights until you groan out loud; where you are proud to say “No thanks, I’m an Amazon” when others try to weaken you or bully you into doing something you feel is wrong.

Imagine a world in which you are not alone but part of a growing movement—a world in which potential aggressors are mindful of the presence of the Amazon sisterhood.

Share this with everyone you know, and help make that world a reality.

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The Amazon mantra

Freedom courses through my veins; no rope can hold me.
I fear nothing; fear runs from me.
I always walk forward; it is the only way.
Test me and you will feel the full force of my power.

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