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"Juliet leads us on a thrilling treasure hunt through present-day Italy that makes the classic tragedy itself spellbinding all over again."

"The Shakespearean scholarship on display is both impressive and well-handled."
-The Washington Post

"Reads like a Da Vinci Code for the smart modern woman."
-Publishers Weekly

"Juliet... makes The Da Vinci Code seem slow and plodding... [M]ulti-layered twists and turns make for one bodice-ripping exploration of the true origins of the tale of Romeo and Juliet."
-Chicago Sun-Times

"Stunning... This storyteller dazzles... The kind of elegant, witty writing that has made Philippa Gregory a superstar of historical romance."
-The Dallas Morning News

"It would be a disservice to describe Juliet simply as a retelling of Romeo and Juliet. Anne Fortier has plumbed the history of the tale and spends her novel spinning a richer story."
-The Denver Post

"Fun to read... the insight into the lives of the original Giuletta and Romeo is fascinating."
-The Oklahoman

"Entertaining... in line with Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code (but much better written!), with its hunt for clues to a secret."
-Library Journal

"A beguiling mix of romance, intrigue, history, and Shakespeare... Lovers of adventurous fiction will lose themselves in Fortier's exciting, intricately woven tale."

"Juliet is a rip-roaring adventure story, mystery and... satisfying romance, all rolled into one."

"Fun... Fortier takes a tale of woe and lets her imagination loose."
-USA Today

"Well-paced and often funny... It takes a very talented writer to manage such a difficult and complex narrative so successfully. This book is destined for the bestseller list."
-Historical Novels Review

"Romance fans with a taste for the classics and those who wished the tale of 'Juliet and her Romeo' could have ended differently should enjoy Fortier's fast-paced debut."
-The Christian Science Monitor

"This riveting novel weaves a historical account of Shakespeare’s classic with a current-day Juliet searching for her Romeo."
-People Stylewatch

"Fortier's ambitious story merges past with present in a rare feat of seamless writing. Based on historical fact and poetic license, Juliet is a fast-paced, sumptuous read. Fortier's razor-sharp framing of time and insight into her characters make the wholly original Juliet so much more than just another adaptation."

"The perfect beach read: Juliet [is] an addictive tale of a woman who discovers her real-life connection to Shakespeare's Juliet- and a modern-day Romeo."

"Boldly imagined, brilliantly plotted, beautifully described, Juliet will carry you spellbound until the gripping end."
-Susan Vreeland, author of Clara and Mr. Tiffany

"Juliet has it all- history, mystery, and romance. Anne Fortier handles the dual plot lines with mastery, beautifully rendering Siena of the past and the present."
-Karen Essex, author of Leonardo's Swans

"A rollicking quest through the dark alleyways and shimmering hill towns that once inspired Shakespeare's great love story. Juliet is a thrilling debut novel, completely saturated in fascinating history."
-Katherine Neville, author of The Fire

"Ingenious, intriguing, a thrilling story that keeps you turning the pages. Juliet is a wonderfully textured novel of history and imagination that brings Italy, past and present, beautifully to life."
-Kate Mosse, author of Labyrinth

"A feast of myth, history, and tantalizing indulgences- I was swept away, blown away, and taken for ransom. Anne Fortier breathes new life into the Shakespearean tragedy we thought we knew. I fell in love with Juliet all over again."
-Jamie Ford, author of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

"This book is a stunner. Elegantly written in exquisite, vibrant, and witty prose that rides well with the clever use of quotes from Shakespeare, Juliet interweaves an astonishing historic take on the tale of the star-crossed lovers with a fast-paced, modern thriller."
-Alison Weir, author of The Lady Elizabeth